Benefits of Tiling

Increased Land Value

Properly installed drainage systems will increase the value of your land whether you are looking to sell or rent out your land.

Earlier Planting & Harvesting

High water tables slow soil from warming up in the spring. With quality drainage you can average 7-10 day earlier planting in spring along with earlier harvesting as well.

Higher Yields

Get the most out of the land you have. Pattern tiled fields can see somewhere between 20-50% increase in yield compared to undrained fields. Tiling is an investment which pays every year.

More Consistent Yields

Good drainage allows for deeper root growth which will not only help you in wet years, but drought years as well.

Erosion Management

Heavy rains can cause major erosion across fields, properly designed drainage systems will allow your soil to absorb these major storm events.

Fertilizer Savings

Proper drainage on your field will allow the rain storms to be absorbed, undrained land will wash the majority of your fertilizer away and directly into local streams and lakes.